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EVE Online: Odyssey Trailer Experience the mystery and adventure of exploration in Odyssey, EVE Online's 19th free expansion. Discover the new challenges hidden among over 7,000 star systems with the new scanner overlay and improved probing controls. Get sucked in by the enhanced sound effects, updated visuals and exciting warp transitions as you travel the stars in search of fame and fortune.

Build loyalty points with your faction to acquire one of four new navy battlecruisers, or help your alliance upgrade their outposts with new installations now available in lawless Null Sec space. Odyssey also shakes up the industrial spacescape, wrestling lucrative resources from the grip of entrenched veterans, giving ambitious opportunists the chance to seize and lay claim to newfound riches. Read more about the major features introduced in this expansion at

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    Odyssey, EVE Online's 19th official expansion Release date: June 4, 2013 Play your main while...


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